About Us

six.twentynine designs specializes in unique and one of a kind jewelry. Each piece is designed and hand made by Emily Golden, a native of Mobile, Alabama

There’s something very unique about jewelry, specifically necklaces. With each piece created, the finished product always exceeds the sum of its components. Simply put, the beads and stones comprising each piece are transformed into something greater when they are joined together. Each piece contains many raw materials, from gold dipped agate and geode slices, to natural or polished wire wrapped stones and arrowheads—all handpicked by Emily from regions across the world. The challenge in each design comes in identifying how each component can contribute to the overall beauty of the piece. As each component is thoughtfully strung, the pieces begin to make themselves in a way, highlighting their beauty, and rejoicing in their faults.

While thinking of a name for her designs, Emily realized jewelry designing shared similarities to her own life and her husband, Jonathan. The product of their marriage was greater than the sum of the individuals. The name six.twentynine designs honors the most important day for Emily and Jonathan: their wedding anniversary, June 29, 2013.

Each piece has a story to tell, and love to share—designed to evoke beauty and confidence in those that wear them.